Australia #8

Hey people of the Internet, I am here again to talk about my life in Australia as an Italian student. Saturday, I went with my friend to the Botanic Gardens for a picnic. We met at the Central Station and then we went to the supermarket to buy the food; they made me carry all [...]

Australia #7

Here I am again, writing to the Internet about my experience as an international student in Brisbane, Australia. Wednesday, it was holiday so no school. I went with my friends to the Ekka, a big week-long festival in Brisbane. There are a lot of different things: rides, animals, good food and a lot of fun. [...]

Australia #6

Here I am again, writing to the Internet what I do during my days as an Italian exchange student in Australia. Saturday, I went to the city with my friends, we went shopping. We first went to Starbucks and then to JD where we spent an hour cause some of my friends were really slow [...]

Australia #5

Hey! Her we are, Friday update on my experience as an exchange student in Australia. Wednesday, I started a new notebook for my journaling, I finished the first one. In the morning I arrived at school early so I read a book and bought something to eat. In digital solutions, the best subject in my [...]

Australia #4

Hey! I am here again, writing to the Internet about my experience as a exchange student. Saturday, I went to the Gold Coast with some friends, the night before I wasn't feeling very well, but in the morning I was feeling better so I decided to go. I caught the wrong bus so I couldn't [...]

Australia #3

Hey guys, I'm back again, writing to to you about my experience. Wednesday, digital solution exam, it wasn't that difficult, but it wasn't easy. I think I'll get at least a C, I hope. during Math class I started to know new people, they asked weird question, like if we have cereals in Italy, but [...]

Australia #2

I am here again, writing about my experience. During this days I have done a ton of things that I really want to tell you. Saturday, I should have gone to the Gold Coast with friend, but they wrote that they couldn't go anymore. In the morning I went to a festival at Corinda Primary [...]

Australia #1

I am here again to tell you about my past few days. I decided that I will write a post every Tuesday and Friday. During this few days I've done a lot of interesting things. Wednesday, The day before I was in a pretty bad mood and spent all night in my room. In the [...]


I have been studing in Australia as an exchange student for a week, I am hosted by an awesome family. I have been journaling every day on a small notebook and now I have decided to share my experience with the Internet through this blog. I will now make a synthesis of my past week. [...]

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