Shower Thoughts #2

The English language is so strange, the sentence "police police police police police police" is grammatically correct and it a some meaning. Also the sentence "buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo" is the same thing. I find this highly fascinating, if you do too please consider subscribing and sharing this post.

Just some photos

Hey people of the Internet! Today I want to talk about some photos I took and posted on my Instagram page (@jaco_depa). This are the photos I took, that you can also find in my Instagram. The day I took this photos, I think it was a Saturday, none of my friends was going out, [...]

A day without the smartphone

Hey people of the Internet! Today, Tuesday 21, I decided to spend the day without my phone. When you will read this it will probably be Wednesday 22, but I am writing this post on Tuesday night. This morning I decided to leave my phone at home, it was an idea I had from yesterday, [...]

Shower Thoughts #1

Hey people of the Internet! I decided to create a new format for my blog : "Shower Thoughts" where I will write some of my thoughts. Have you ever seen a crane being built or dismantled, or taken to a place and then taken away? They just seem to appear out of nowhere and then [...]

Creative block

Hey people of the Internet! In this period I feel like I'm in a creative block, so I though I would make a post about it. As I said I feel like I'm in a creative block, but what do I mean by that? I'm too sure myself. If I should describe the "symptoms" I [...]

Random Words Story

Hey people of the Internet! Today I decided to write a story based on random words, so I asked some of my friends to tell me the first word that came to their mind. The words I got are the following: God, Mark, responsibility and dog. Now I'm gonna write a simple story based on [...]

The Sunset

The SunsetCopyright: JacoDepa The other night I was walking around taking some photos in San Vincenzo, a city near the sea. Around 4.30 the sunset started and it looked like you can see in the photo. After taking that photo and some others I went for a walk thinking the sunset was over. After some [...]

How Are You?

Hey people of the Internet! Today I feel inspired to write, hope you'll like it. A. "Hey, how are you?" B. "All good" A. "Sure" B. "Yeah ahaha" A. "Sure" B. "Yeah, are YOU fine?" A. "I'm serious, how are you?" B. "I told I'm fine" A. "100% fine?" B. "No" A. "Then: how are [...]

New? Read This!

Hi! If you are here this is probably the first time you came across this blog and you are probably wondering what this blog is about. This blog is about nothing and everything. I'm just a 17 years old Italian boy with a passion for photography and storytelling, but if you want to know more [...]

Just a Character Background-Omar

Hey people of the Internet! The other day I was in Turin taking some photos and I happened to take the photo you can see below. Today I saw it and I decided to edit it and to create a background for the person in the center of the image. OmarCopyright: JacoDepa First of all [...]

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