Shower Thoughts #5

Your age is the number of times the Earth made a full turn around the Sun, starting from a point that was set the moment you were born.


Hey people of the Internet! Sorry for not posting yesterday. I have been thinking about this story setting for a couple of days and I want to write about it. There is a teenager, who is really stressed by school and life in general. He has never really talked about his feeling with anyone, he [...]

Black beach

Hey people of the Internet! Today I want to tell you another episode from my trip to Iceland: when I went to Reynisfjara, a black beach. SunriseCopyright: JacoDepa To go there me and Michel had to walk for 11 km (6.8 miles) in a road that wasn't really meant for pedestrians. In the morning we [...]

Shower Thoughts #4

The English language is so strange: the word "short" is longer than the word "long".


Hey people of the Internet! As you may know last week I went to Iceland with a friend, Michel. This is a general summary of the 4 days I spent in Iceland and later I will write some posts where I will focus more on some of the most interesting parts. This small trip didn't [...]

Shower Thoughts #3

Have you ever said a word so many times that it completely loses meaning for you? For me a word that has lost meaning is "hello" ("ciao" in Italian). Whenever I say it it feels weird, like I'm saying something strange. I still say it, but it's strange.

Photography Business

Hey people of the Internet! The other day I was thinking about a way to make some money, to buy maybe a new camera or laptop, or to travel somewhere. As you may have noticed there are no ads in my post, so I don't make any money from my blog. I live in a [...]

Just a Character Background-Mario

Hey people of the Internet! Welcome back to another character background from a photo I took, the photo is the following: Mario Copyright: JacoDepa As you can see the photo shows a man dressed as a soldier with a metal detector. When I took the photo he was walking back and forth in a field [...]

Shower Thoughts #2

The English language is so strange, the sentence "police police police police police police" is grammatically correct and it a some meaning. Also the sentence "buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo" is the same thing. I find this highly fascinating, if you do too please consider subscribing and sharing this post.

Just some photos

Hey people of the Internet! Today I want to talk about some photos I took and posted on my Instagram page (@jaco_depa). This are the photos I took, that you can also find in my Instagram. The day I took this photos, I think it was a Saturday, none of my friends was going out, [...]

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