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  • New? Read This!

    2 January 2020 by

    Hi! If you are here this is probably the first time you came across this blog and you are probably wondering what this blog is about. This blog is about nothing and everything. I’m just a 17 years old Italian boy with a passion for photography and storytelling, but if you want to know more… Read more

  • Feelings

    16 February 2020 by

    Hey people of the Internet! Sorry for not posting yesterday. I have been thinking about this story setting for a couple of days and I want to write about it. There is a teenager, who is really stressed by school and life in general. He has never really talked about his feeling with anyone, he… Read more

  • Black beach

    12 February 2020 by

    Hey people of the Internet! Today I want to tell you another episode from my trip to Iceland: when I went to Reynisfjara, a black beach. To go there me and Michel had to walk for 11 km (6.8 miles) in a road that wasn’t really meant for pedestrians. In the morning we start walking,… Read more

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