Hey people of the Internet! Sorry for not posting yesterday. I have been thinking about this story setting for a couple of days and I want to write about it. There is a teenager, who is really stressed by school and life in general. He has never really talked about his feeling with anyone, he […]

Just a Character Background-Mario

Hey people of the Internet! Welcome back to another character background from a photo I took, the photo is the following: Mario Copyright: JacoDepa As you can see the photo shows a man dressed as a soldier with a metal detector. When I took the photo he was walking back and forth in a field […]

Shower Thoughts #2

The English language is so strange, the sentence “police police police police police police” is grammatically correct and it a some meaning. Also the sentence “buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo” is the same thing. I find this highly fascinating, if you do too please consider subscribing and sharing this post.

A day without the smartphone

Hey people of the Internet! Today, Tuesday 21, I decided to spend the day without my phone. When you will read this it will probably be Wednesday 22, but I am writing this post on Tuesday night. This morning I decided to leave my phone at home, it was an idea I had from yesterday, […]