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Hi! I am Jacopo De Pasquale, a normal Italian teenager. I am generally a shy and introverted person, but I think that’s nothing wrong with it (some people unfortunately do), so I’m never the first to open up with others, but if the person I’m talking with opens up and makes me feel comfortable than I can be open too.

I love photography, storytelling, travelling, tennis, running, music and food. Running makes me feel free, I almost feel like I’m flying sometimes; I don’t run a lot, maybe I should do it more often. I play tennis on a regular basis, two times a week, I’ve been playing for around 2 years now, but I’m still not really good at it, but I enjoy it and that’s what counts. I love listening to music, I always do: I literally walk around my house with the earbuds in my ears while listening to music and mi mum always tells me that nobody can ever talk to me because I can’t ear hear them. I listen to rock music, I don’t really like rap music and I find trap meaningless. I love eating good food, but I know when to stop (maybe…), anyway in my favorite food list there are, in no particular order: arancini, sushi, lasagna.

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This is a “arancino”

I love travelling, This all think started while I was in Australia as an exchange student and this blog was meant to be a travel blog, but I don’t travel a lot so I decided to write about whatever comes to my mind. While I was in Australia I discovered a passion for photography, so when I came back to Italy I took my mum’s camera and I always take it with me. I have always liked storytelling, even thought I’m not really good at it, but with this blog and my camera I think I have all the means to tell beautiful stories (I hope they are beautiful…).

This is me in a nutshell!

What My Friends Say

Jacopo is: shy, perceptive and likable.


Jacopo is: intelligent, shrewd and quiet.


Jacopo is: different, available and legendary.


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