Partial Freedom

Hey people of the Internet!

Here in Italy, were I live, we started what we call “phase 2”.

What is it?

We can officially go outside for a walk and meet our relatives.

We have to wear masks and keep the distance, but I can now finally go outside and take photos.

And that’s what I did (I will post some on my Instagram so go follow me @jaco_depa).

I don’t get why we can’t see our friends that we used to see everyday, but we can see our distanced related cousin that we never saw once in our entire life.

People still see their friends, especially in small villages like where I live no one will ever ask you anything, unless you are in a group of 10 people, and if they do stop you, you can say that your friend is your cousin and you’re all set. That might be a lie, but it’s not gonna hurt anyone (as long as you respect the rules).

The problem is that May has always been , and will always be, the worst school’s month. Every teacher needs to give us the last marks and we are submerged in things to study for exams or oral test.

So I can go out, but most of my days I can’t because of school.

But school is almost finished (in Italy at least), just 4 weeks to go and then: summer vacations.

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