The Administrator- Final Thoughts

Hey people of the Internet! It’s been a week since I published the last chapter of “The Administrator”.

Today I want to make some considerations on the story and my experience writing experience.

It was the first time I wrote a full story. It wasn’t long, but longer than what I had written before.

I’m happy with how it came out, even tough at the beginning I had no idea of what I was going to write.

One thing I’ll have to keep in mind while writing my next story is to plan before writing. Not everything, but at least the base plot. In this case before writing the chapter I had no idea what I was going to write and that can lead up to being inconsistent throughout the story. For the next I have to plan the beginning, the end and everything in between before I start to write, at least the basic ideas.

I like the story, but I’m not really happy with the ending. Maybe I wanted to move on, or I was tired while I was writing, nut the last 2 chapters weren’t the best they could have been. I think the problem is the drastic personality change in the protagonist, which has no explanation.

I also mentioned the family in the first chapter, but then it completely disappear. The son could have played a relative role in the story, but it didn’t, it was left in a corner, same thing with the wife.

It was a short story and a lot of things weren’t explained like they should have been, like the other people with powers, or how the powers work, or how you obtain them.

I think I could do better if I were to rewrite it with more time, but I won’t do it. I have to move on and write something else to gain more experience.

What are your thoughts on the story? Did you like it? Let me know with a comment.

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