Lost track of time

Hey people of the Internet!

I lost track of time!

I don’t know what day it is.

When we were doing online classes, I knew which day it was because of school.

But now, during Easter break, I don’t know if it’s Monday or Thursday.

It’s not good for your mental health to not know what day it is.

It completely destroys your natural schedule.

With this quarantine I noticed that I go to bed really late, because I don’t feel tired at all. I stay home all day, I don’t really do activities that really tire me.

The problem is that I feel tired all morning and sometimes also in the afternoon, but at night, after dinner I magically recover all my energies.

I think I’m more productive at night, no one can interrupt me, so I get drained into what I’m doing and don’t get distracted.

I may go to bed late, but I don’t wake up that late.

When I have “school” I wake up at around 8 , if I don’t have school I wake up at 10.30/11 in the morning.

I don’t sleep that much, but still I don’t feel tired at night.

Quarantine problems I guess…

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