The Administrator- Chapter 6

I think the more I use my powers, the more I lose my emotions, I feel less human. I don’t feel like saying goodbye to anyone I know, not even my wife or my son. I decide to erase myself from everyone’s memory, they’ll feel like I never existed, only animals will remember me, if nobody remembers me, I don’t exist, I think. In this last week, I had decided to do everything I always wanted to do, but now I don’t have any emotions left, I feel nothing. I’ll just keep training. I don’t want to die while recreating the world, by the way, can I even die? Probably, I still have a human body. I build a small cottage on the peak of a mountain and start training. In two days I create a new Moon. People will probably notice it. Not that I care. They’ll all disappear in a couple of days anyway. 

It’s time. Today I start resetting the world. I’m ready. First: delete every living being except me. That takes me a whole day. There are currently 7,777,061,312 humans and countless of different animals. On the second day, I delete every mountain, forest and everything that regard nature. At the end of the day, the landscape is completely empty. I have to find a place to stay. I transform myself into a transcendent being, thus leaving my human body that was getting in my way. On the third day, I renew the landscape. I randomly place forests, mountains, valleys and so on until the world looks completely different from before. It’s now the fourth day. Today I’ll implement all the animals. Not only the ones that already existed but also all the so-called fantasy creatures: dragons, unicorns, werewolves and so on. Fifth day, it’s now time for humans and all fantasy races: elves, orcs, dwarves, goblins and so on for a long list. I implemented the ones I could remember from Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy games or books. 

In five days I completely destroyed the world and created a new one. Even though I don’t have a body, I feel tired by the amount of work I had to do. Now I will invisibly rule over this world. I don’t think I’ll feel bored, I don’t know if I can. Let this new world do its course. Let life begin!

That was the last chapter, I hope you liked it.

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