The Administrator- Chapter 5

After I removed the powers to Frank I felt weak, my head was turning and my sens of equilibrium wasn’t at his best. It must have taken a lot of power to do that. I needed to get stronger if I wanted to completely change the world. I decided to start training. After one week I could create a mountain range without any consequences on my body. After two weeks I could remove a nation from the world map. A month later I think I’m almost ready to create my utopia. I now have to think about every single detail. I could restart the world and make myself some kind of God. I think that’s a good start. But do I want to completely restart the world or only restart the human beings, with two new Adam and Eve? The second option seems nicer. I should also change the environment they will be living in. I should change the environment, maybe I can randomly change the landscape. I can also change the animals, there could be dragons and other legendary animals. There could also be elves, orcs and all the other species that you can find in fantasy books. I have always tried to imagine how the world could be if they existed and now I can make it real.

The new world will be a mix of all the fantasy books, with all the species and races you can find there, and I will be seeing all of this from the position of a God, that sees everything while being invisible. I will start by changing the landscape, then I will add a couple of being for every species or race. I will need a lot of power in order to do that, I need to train more.

It’s been a whole year and I think I am ready. In one week I will restart the world.

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