The Administrator – Chapter 4

A few days have passed since my last meeting with Frank, today we will be meeting again to decide what to do. 

I have been practising my powers, at first, it was difficult for my body to even sustain the creation of a single flower, now I can create a forest with no problems. If I use my powers too much, I get a headache. I thought I could create a big and modern house for me and my family, but that would have attracted too much attention and people would have been suspicious. To this day the only one who knows about my powers is Frank, and he doesn’t know everything.

With Frank, we have decided to meet at the usual spot. When I get there he is sitting on a bench with his phone. I haven’t heard from him in days. We start talking like normal friends, but the conversation soon slides in the topic of the utopia. As I suspected he wants to find the others and decide on an idea altogether. “That’d be almost impossible.” I say, but he is stubborn and won’t change his idea. “Too bad, I’ll have to take his power too.” I think “But for now I’ll play my part.”, “Alright, you win, you win. We’ll do it your way.” I say, “Shall we do it now, we can go to a bar or my house.” is his answer, “It’s better if we meet another day, so we can start thinking about our ideas.” I say, I need time to remove his powers and the others.As I walk home I remove Frank’s powers and modify his memories so that he won’t remember he ever had any, he will just think I am one of his friends. “I’m sorry Frank, it’s for a greater good.

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