Hey people of the Internet!

I’m bored.

I don’t have time to get bored.

I get bored of not having time to get bored.

I get bored of doing the same things over and over again.

I’m not saying being bored is inherently bad.

Pascal, a philosopher, said that “Men seek distraction not to think about themselves”.

He said that man play games and go hunting to escape the sense of misery that comes with being human.

Men search happiness in the future, but that happiness will arrive.

I totally agree with him.

When you are bored you start thinking, your mind starts travelling.

You can think of a lot of things while bored, like how useless and insignificant you are.

That is exactly what men try to avoid.

Deep down we all know that our lives are insignificant with respect of the Universe.

We don’t want to think about it, so we hide behind masks, that’s what Pascal calls self-love.

We hate the people that tells us the truth and we love the ones that compliment us lying.

Men hide behind a mask of self-love and they use the “divertissement”, that we could translate with “distraction”, to escape boredom not to think about how miserable human beings are.

I know this might sound a bit pessimistic, but I think this true.

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