Quarantine, a period to start new projects (maybe).

Hey people of the Internet! Today I want to write about quarantine.

Most counties, especially in Europe, are imposing a period of quarantine or social distancing.

While you stay all day at home, you can start doing what you have always wanted to do (that can be learning to play an instrument, writing, drawing), you should have time.

I won’t tell you what you can do during this quarantine period, there’s plenty of other posts on that (you can also read this article from the New York Times), but I can make one if you want.

Now, as I said you should have plenty of time, right?

Well, the answer is no, fro me at least.

Schools are closed, but the teachers can’t stop the program, they have to keep going.

We use Google Classroom, where the teachers can give us homework and also communicate with us students.

Some teachers, few in my class, also do video lessons. We all connect to Google Meet and the teacher holds class in a video call.

So far so good.

The problem is that the teachers have gone crazy.

The give us way too many homework or stuff to study, I and my classmates spend way more time doing school stuff now than when we were physically at school.

There are different types of theacher.

The one who gives us homework week after week without even asking if we understood the topic.

The one who give lots of questions to answer.

The one who doesn’t know how to use a laptop.

The one who just disappeared.

The one who just gives homework or stuff to study without a clear due date.

The list could go on.

Thre are also some positive aspects, but the negative ones are sure more in numbers.

That is all for now,, I’ll keep you updated.

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