The Administrator – Chapter 3

I wake up, it’s 9 in the morning and luckily it’s Saturday, so I don’t have to go to work. I spend all morning thinking about what I should do with my powers. Then, after lunch, when I was lying on the sofa, I realised something: if I can do anything I want since I am the Administrator I can create a utopian world, where everything is perfect. “Can I also change how living creatures behave?” I ask the Narrator, its answer is simply “You can do whatever you want.”. I quickly call Frank and tell him we need to meet as soon as possible. We meet at the park of our encounter the night before. I tell him that I think I know the reason for which we have our powers. 

“I think that we were granted these powers to save the planet Earth from the humans that are currently living on it. We can change the world and create a utopia where everyone lives in peace.”

“Do you think we are the only ones with these powers?”

“I’m not sure, but we can ask the Narrator”

“If there are other people we need to work with them too.”

“We might need to.” “Narrator, how many people with powers are there on Earth?” “There are many, but you are superior to all of them and you can make them all disappear.”

“The Narrator sais there are many people with powers,” I tell Frank, “I don’t think we can find all of them and work together. It will be impossible to agree on a single idea of utopia.”

“We have to try, we can’t decide on behalf of all humanity.”

“Technically we can.”

“I’ll think about it.” he sais while walking away.

He doesn’t see to be so happy about this idea, I’ll give him a couple of days, if he doesn’t want to cooperate I will have to do everything on my own, not that it will be a problem.

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