Hey people of the Internet! Today I want to talk about one of my biggest passions: Manga.

What is a manga?

In case you don’t know a manga is simply a Japanese comic.

The drawing style is completely different from an American comic. The style in manga is way more dynamic and it’s drawn in black and white, like with a pencil, so no colors.

The particularity of manga is that you read them from what we would normally consider the last page, and you read the dialogue boxes in the opposite order, from right to left.

Why do I like them?

I think manga’s drawing style is awesome and also the story is really good, not in all of them, but it depends on one’s personal liking.

Also the book format is relatively small, in most of them.

A series is composed of different chapters that form a volume tha comes out every set amount of time (monthly, bimonthly, …).

In Japan they have a magazine called Shonen Jump, that is the most famous manga magazine, that comes out every week with a new chapter of various series in it.

You can either buy the book or there are also some apps that let you read the chapter, so you just have to wait one week, for most of the series. Not all of those apps are legal, so be careful.

Some of my favorite series!

Some of my favorite series are:

One Piece Volume 1 special edition for the 20th anniversary
Copyright: JacoDepa

One Piece: Gold Roger, the pirate king, before getting killed said he had left a big treasure on an island, so a new era of pirates begins and our protagonist, Rufy, wants to be the new king of pirates and decides to go on an adventure in the sea and find a crew to sail the big sea and fight the enemies they’ll encounter.

Dr. Stone: One day all humanity is petrified. After several millennia Senku, the protagonist, awakens and finds himself in a completely changed world, all humans are now statues and the nature reign sovereign. His goal is to rebuild civilization.

My Hero Academia: In a word where almost everyone has superpowers the protagonist Izuku doesn’t have any. He wants to be a hero, but it’s almost impossible fro him. A fortunate encounter with All Might, the greatest hero, will change his life forever.

These are just some of the numerous manga I read.

Do like reading manga? Did you know them? Would you ever read one? Leave a comment with your answer.

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