A story setting- SuperVirus

Hey people of the Internet! Last night I was inspired and I came up with this setting for a story.

There is a new virus, but it isn’t dangerous.

The doctors are worried about how it could evolve, so they give some instructions not to get infected.

The virus evolves and it becomes dangerous, mortal in some cases.

The instructions get stricter and people are scared.

There is panic in the cities. People assaulting each other in the grocery stores to buy food and then lock themselves at home not get infected.

The virus evolves once again and the infected start getting different kinds of powers (like flying, invisibility and stuff like that).

People now want to be infected, but some people get it but it’s asymptomatic for them.

Some people don’t want/can’t get infected.

The world is now divided into two:
1) People with power;
2) People without power, that are discriminated by others and put at the margins of society.

I hope you liked this very brief and schematic setting for a story.

In case you are wondering I was certainly subconsciously inspired by the Coronavirus that there is now in the world.

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