Coronavirus COVID-19 situation in Italy

Hey people of the Internet! As you may know, I’m Italian and here in Italy, the new Coronavirus is scaring everyone.

Italy is one of the countries with more cases of people infected.

I live in the North, where the majority of the cases are located.

Complete chaos everywhere

During the first days, it was a complete chaos.

The supermarkets where full of people, that were buying everything they could, before locking themselves at home.

There were people literally fighting to get some pasta or biscuits.

You couldn’t find a single package of Amuchina gel anywhere and buying it online would have cost you something like 20 euros or more.

That’s just straight-up crazy!

Schools closed

When the virus arrived we students were on a 3 days break for Carnival.

Firstly they decided to close the school for the whole week, we had to go back on Thursday.

Then they decided to keep them closed for part of the next week as well, to then change into keeping them close all week.

So we had to go back to school on the 9 of March.

But then they announced that the school would have stayed closed also all the next week as well.

For now, we have to go back to school on the 16.

There are rumours that they want to extend the closing period more, but it’s not sure for now.

Online school

For now, we will do some lessons on a video call with the teacher.

My history teacher already put some videos online for us to watch and she also gave us some homework.

The maths teacher gave us homework too.

We will do a lesson on a video call with the Italian teacher and also the philosophy one.

By the time you read this, I would have already experienced this, but at the time I’m writing it I still have to do it.

How is the Coronavirus where you live? Tell me with a comment.

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