The Administrator – Chapter 1

It’s 8 p.m. and I, John Polymus, have just finished a long work session in my office, there’s no one, I had to stay longer than usual to finish an important project. I take off my headphones and close my laptop, ready to live the calm silence of the empty office to go home and hear the cry of my newborn child.

As I lift my head I start feeling a pain in my neck, “That’s not good.” I think, as I try to remember a neck massage to help me alleviate the pain. I start slowly turning my neck and when I press against the spine I hear a strange click and feel a little electric shock in my head. After a couple of seconds I hear a metallic voice saying: “Administrator mode activated. What action would you like to perform?”. I immediately stand up and start walking around looking for something that could have made that voice, “Maybe someone left the laptop on” I think while searching. The office is empty and all the speaker are turned off, what could have possibly made that sound?

I’m alone, so I decide to try and answer to that voice: “Open the help menu.”, is the first thing I can think about. “There is no help menu.” the same metallic voice says “You are the Administrator. You make the rules.” “If I am the Administrator, who are you?” I ask. The voice immediately answers my question: “I am who you want me to be. Some call me the Narrator, others God. I have no name.”

“Well then, Narrator, can you please tell me how this works?”

“Firstly, you are the only one who can hear me and you can talk to me with your thoughts, so you don’t need to speak out-loud; secondly, you are the Administrator of this planet, you can do anything you want, you can change the laws of nature and physics.”

“Can I stop time or fly?”

“You can do way more than that, you can control gravity, make plants grow or build a house in just a few seconds.”

“So… I am the Administrator of Earth…”

“Yes. You are.”

“And I can do anything I want…”

“Yes. You can.”

“Well… I’ll just go home for now, my wife is waiting for me.”

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