New Pearl Jam’s songs: what do I think about them?

Hey people of the Internet! As you may know Pearl Jam, a rock group I personally like, recently released 2 new songs and today I want to say what I think about them.

The songs are called Dance Of The Clairvoyants and Superblood Wolfmoon.

Dance Of The Clairvoyants

This is the first song the released.

The time I learned to really appreciate it

I like it from the very beginning, but I didn’t know its real potential until a couple of days later.

I was coming back from school and I was walking while listening to the music.

I was tired from the long school day and I wanted to go home and eat.

This song starts and the volume was pretty high.

I had listened to it various times before, but that time had something special, I don’t know what.

Out of nowhere I get all pumped up and I feel like running and jumping and singing out loud with all my voice.

From that moment I really started appreciate this song.

General Impressions

I like this song.

The lyrics are good and the music too.

From the lyrics I especially like:

Expecting perfection
Leaves a lot to ignore
When the past is the present
And the future’s no more
When every tomorrow
Is the same as before

I feel somewhat touched by those words.

Especially the last 2 verses, because I feel like that sometimes.

Superblood Wolfmoon

This song was released more recently.

First Impressions

For this song I really appreciated it from the beginning.

Also this one really energizes me a lot.

The part I like the most is the guitar solo, it’s really good.

I like the lyrics a lot, but also the instrumental part is really good.


That’s all for this post.

I’m not really good at reviewing stuff, but I might improve in the future.

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