The day I almost died

Hey people of the Internet! Today I want to talk about a very dangerous adventure I went on while I was in Iceland.

This was the day before we went to Reynisfjara, the black beach. We wanted to go there that afternoon. We checked in the hotel and then we left to go to the beach. We saw on Google that there was a road in the mountain that was made to use to go to the beach walking, not the one we followed the day after (read this post to know more).

We started walking, there was some snow, but it wasn’t difficult to walk, at the beginning at least. After a couple of turns, there started to be more and more snow. We didn’t know whether to keep going or go back, but we saw some footprints, so we decided to follow those. Not a good decision, as we would have later discovered. The snow was really deep, sometimes it arrived at the knees, but we kept going hoping it would get better. Michel didn’t really have the right shoes to walk in the snow, so there were small pieces that kept going under his feet and he said that it hurt. While we were walking we saw a small snow man and the view was really beautiful, but it was still difficulty to walk.

The wind has started to blow stronger and stronger and the Sun was almost down, but we kept on walking. We reached what we thought was the summit of the mountain. The wind was really strong and it was completely dark. We didn’t know where to go so we had two options: keep going hoping not to die or go back. Initially we thought to keep going, but his phone was dead and mine was at around 25%,s o it would have died if we had used the torch. We were at the summit of a mountain, it was really dark, the phone was almost dead, the wind was really strong and it had started snowing, softly, but it was snowing. We decided to go back.

We were now descending a mountain, in the snow. with strong wind and it was dark. Lucky Michel remembered that he had another phone that he only used to take photos, so we used that to make light.

When we got back to the Guesthouse we were really relieved to have survived such an adventure and we were really tired, all the adrenaline our body released while we were on the mountain was going away and it was making us feel tired.

Have you ever live an experience like this? If yes write about it in the comments

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