What if there was no light?

Hey people of the Internet! The other day this question popped in my mind and I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of days. This is the answer I came up with:

As I was born with light it’s difficult to imagine how my life would be if it was dark all the time. Will there even be a concept of light? or darkness? Probably not.

No light means no Sun, no fire, no electronic devices with a screen and probably no electricity at all as they all produce light in some way?

If I’d spend like a week in darkness I’d probably feel tired all the time. My body is used to go to bed when it’s dark, so it relaxes in preparation for sleep. I’d also probably have difficulty doing the things I usually do easily, like going to the bathroom or pouring water in a glass. My eyes will probably get used to the darkness, but I won’t be able to see clearly . If I’d been born in a world of complete darkness I’d probably have eyes that are made to see in the dark, kinda like a cat.

I think it’d be impossible to live in a world with no light. Trees and plants in general grow thanks to light, so in that world there’d be no animals, as they’d all die of hunger, and consequentially no humans. If the world was like that from the beginning there’d be two options: there is no life; or new froms of live that don’t need light to live are created.

Realistically if the Sun would shut down tomorrow we will probably all die sooner or later. We’d survive fro some time, but once we finish the food, we are all doomed.

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