Background Story-Glove

Hey people of the Internet! Today I want to tell you about the background story of the glove you can see in the image below. I want to write how it got there, to whom it belonged to and how he lost it.

The Glove
Copyright: JacoDepa

Wang is a Chinese guy, he is 28 years old, and he went on a trip to Iceland for a couple of weeks. He is staying in Reykjavik, the capital city, but he does guided tours around the country. He went on a day trip to Vik and Reynisfjara. He was with a group, so they had a guide and a coach that took them to all the places they had to visit. HE wasn’t free to do whatever he wanted, he had time limits, he had to go back to the coach when the guide told him so. They went to see Vik’s church and he took off his gloves to take a picture of the breathtaking view from up there. He was sure to have put both of them in his jacket’s pocket, well he will later discover he didn’t. While he was taking the pictures the guide told him he had to approach the coach as they were leaving. Wang decided not to put his gloves back on since he was going on the coach, not a good idea buddy!

Wang got on the coach, took off his jacket, and they left to go to Reynisjara. When they arrived there our protagonist dressed up and realised he had made a big mistake: he left one of his gloves somewhere. He went looking in the coach, nothing there. Where had he put his glove? He had no idea, and he kept not having any idea all day. Then when he was on the bus going back to his hotel he thought that maybe someone had stolen it, but why only one glove and not both? Later that night he remembered he saw it falling out of his pocket out of the corner of his eye. Man, was he sad!

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