Hey people of the Internet! Sorry for not posting yesterday.

I have been thinking about this story setting for a couple of days and I want to write about it.

There is a teenager, who is really stressed by school and life in general. He has never really talked about his feeling with anyone, he is really shy and I things he will feel awkward. One day he goes to a friend house to study and while they are talking his friend, who knew he liked a girl, asks him how things are going. The protagonist tells him he hasn’t been writing to her and he knows she now has a boyfriend. His friend asks him how he is feeling. Our protagonist doesn’t know how to answer and he tells his friend this, his friend tells him he shouldn’t keep everything inside. The teenager likes writing, so he decides, following his friend advice, to write about how he feels, no one has to read it, so he can write about anything. This is the story of what that boy writes in his “journal”, and how that changes how he feels adn how he relates to others.

I hope you like it, if you did please consider subscribing, leaving a like and sharing it with your friends.

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