Hey people of the Internet! As you may know last week I went to Iceland with a friend, Michel. This is a general summary of the 4 days I spent in Iceland and later I will write some posts where I will focus more on some of the most interesting parts.

This small trip didn’t start really well: we had the flight from Milan to Budapest at 22:15, so we went to the airport at 20. When we got there we looked at the monitor with all the flights and it said the our flight was 2 hours late, we were leaving at midnight. The best way to start a trip! Since we had lots and lots of time, we went eating with Michel’s friends that had taken him to the airport, they are all rappers wanna-be, also Michel (grimmic). After spending 2 really entertaining hours (imagine the two of us in the freaking airport doing nothing), we finally got on the plane. After around 2 hours of flight, Michel slept most of the time, I can’t sleep on the plane so I didn’t really slept, we landed in Budapest, where we had the plane at 6 in the morning. We had 4 hours to spend, luckily fro us a bar opened at 3 so we could eat something to wake us up. After another 4 really entertaining hours at the airport, we got on the plane to Reykjavik. It was a 4 and a half hours flight in a seat with little leg room, and we also had to keep our bag under the seat in front of us, so even less space. It was a low cost flight, we could only bring a small backpack, so we had to pack everything really tightly.

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At 10 in the morning we finally landed in Iceland! We were far from the city of Reykjavik, so we had to take a bus. We were really tired, we hadn’t really slept all night (I think I had slept like 3 hours), so when we bought the tickets for the bus they told us it costed 8000 Icelandic krona each for a return ticket, we thought it was like 15 euros each, turns out it was more than 50 euros each. We only realized it after buying them when we were already on the bus. We decided to ask for a return for the ticket from Reykjavik to the airport first thing the next day.

The check-in was at 15, so we had some time to spend. We went to a bar and then we went eating. We went to the Icelandic Street Food, really good place to eat, the food was good and the waiter was really nice, but I’m gonna talk about it in a separate post. We then went to the Guesthouse we were staying in for the night, it was really minimal: a room with 2 beds and a small table and the bathroom was shared. We relaxed for some hours, we really tired, and then we went out to go around the city and have dinner. We didn’t really do a lot that night, but we discovered that the bus tickets to go to Vik, were we were going to stay the next day, costed 50 euros each to go there and 50 to go back to Reykjavik. I had to pay for Michel, but he gave the money back when we got back to Italy.

On the next morning we took the bus to Vik, it was a 3 hours long ride. From the window we could see some really beautiful landscapes. When we got to Vik, we had lunch, went to the church, there was a really beautiful view from up there.

The view from Vik’s church
Copyright: JacoDepa
Vik Church
Copyright: JacoDepa

We then went to the the Guesthouse. We wanted to go to Reynisfjara, the black beach, and Google said we had to follow a path in a mountain, there was a lot of snow and wind so after a while we gave up and went back. We had dinner and then, since there wasn’t a lot to do in Vik we went back to the Guesthouse.

The landscape from the bus window
Copyright: JacoDepa

The next morning we went to Reynisfjara, following the car’s road (11 km long!), luckily we found a really nice guy who took us there. When we got there we filmed the video for his next song and took some photos. On the way back we found two guys from Holland that took us to Vik’s gas station, where, after 3 hours waiting in a bar, we took the bus back to Reykjavik. I’m gonna talk more about this day in a separate post.

Copyright: JacoDepa

Back in Reykjavik we went around the city and the next day we went to the airport and before we even realized it we were flying back to Italy.

This trip was really good, I really enjoyed going away from everything for some days. I think I’ll definitely go back to Iceland, there are still heaps of beautiful places to visit there, like the geysers and the waterfalls. Michel might not be the best person to travel with, he is a bit disorganized, but he can be a fun guy when he wants to. I might like travelling alone best, but having a friend with me wasn’t bad at all.

I hope you liked this brief summary of my trip to Iceland. more is on its way. If you did like it please consider subscribing and sharing it with your friends.

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