Hey people of the Internet! Welcome back to another character background from a photo I took, the photo is the following:

Mario Copyright: JacoDepa

As you can see the photo shows a man dressed as a soldier with a metal detector. When I took the photo he was walking back and forth in a field using his metal detector. Sometimes he’d stop, dig a hole and then go back to walking. What was he searching in a cultivated field (even though it was not at the time I took the photo)?

To answer that question we will have to go back in time, a long way back, 48 year to be exact. Mario, that is your hero name, was born in small village in Sicily, near Messina, his parents worked an honest job in an honest work place. His mum worked in an hotel laundry and his dad, well nobody really knew what his dad knew, he always used to say he painted walls and did some other house work for other people, but none of his friends or family had had ever seen him paint something. He always used to hang out with this men, all dressed up and with sigars in their mouth, they were usual costumes apparently, they always something for him to do. His dad name was Giorgio, he was accused several times for different crimes, but he was always declared innocent, as he claimed he was. One day one of this dressed up men, a new client it seems, took him in an hallway and shot him 10 times. The men who shot him was never arrested, nor accused, they were all too scared, he would later become the boss of all Messina and the villages in the region. Mario had now discovered that his dad worked for teh mafia, and he was well know for doing always what he was told at the best, he had the best service in all the Messina’s region. His dad wanted Mario to follow his path, but the boy didn’t want to become a criminal, so he decided to join the army and fly away form that region. He was sent to the north where he served the army for 28 year, and he still does.

His latest mission is to find bombs form the war in the small countryside villages, like the one I live in. he hasn’t found a lot of them, around 2 or 3 per village, but he found lots of other stuff, from jewelry to old coins.

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