Just some photos

Hey people of the Internet! Today I want to talk about some photos I took and posted on my Instagram page (@jaco_depa).

This are the photos I took, that you can also find in my Instagram.

The day I took this photos, I think it was a Saturday, none of my friends was going out, so I decided to take my camera and go shoot some pictures. I shot everything that looked somewhat good. It was fun to go out with my camera and the music in my ears after a long time.

I went to the church and then to the bell tower, where I took the photo of the price of concrete/brick. I thought it was good even though I’m not sure if it has any meaning, maybe my inner self thinks it means something, but my outer self doesn’t recognize it. Anyway the thing I liked about the photo was the fact that the two walls were one in the shade and the other on light, so you could really see the colour red.

Then I took the “plant” photo, it’s more a bunch of dead sticks, but whatever, I liked it for some reason.

After that I went to the graveyard, from where there is a beautiful view on the fields and the small towns or villages around. The landscape wasn’t really inspiring me, but I saw a dude dressed as a soldier with a metal detector that was going up and down in the field. I took a bunch of pictures and then I chose the best one at home.

At home I chose this 3 photos and I started editing them. To edit photos I use darkroom, because I’m broke and I can’t afford lightroom. I’m not really good at editing photos, I don’t have a lot of experience, but I learn quickly and I think I already improved a lot.

Thank for reading, I hope you liked it, if yes then please subscribe and share it with friends.

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