A day without the smartphone

Hey people of the Internet! Today, Tuesday 21, I decided to spend the day without my phone. When you will read this it will probably be Wednesday 22, but I am writing this post on Tuesday night.

This morning I decided to leave my phone at home, it was an idea I had from yesterday, so I decided to do it. It wasn’t so difficult, especially at school, like sometimes I had the impulse to take my phone out of my pocket, but then I realized I hadn’t it on me. I go to school by bus and I arrive like almost 30 minutes before school actually starts, so I usually listen to music all the time, but since I hadn’t my phone I couldn’t do it, I think that was the worst part, also on the way back, same story. On Tuesday I usually eat at school, because I have a certification course from 14.30 to 16 and I usually eat alone, but today I was lucky: two of my classmates were eating at school too, so I ate with them.

In the afternoon I went out with my friends, we played basketball, talked about One Piece and some ideas on a hypothetical movie, or short film, we want to make. Sometimes my body moved on his own to take my phone out of my pocket, but not too much.

At around 19 I decided to turn my phone on. Now I’m writing this post while listening to music with my earphones, that is the thing I missed the most.

I hope you liked it and you were hopefully inspired to try yourselves.

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