Creative block

Hey people of the Internet! In this period I feel like I’m in a creative block, so I though I would make a post about it.

As I said I feel like I’m in a creative block, but what do I mean by that? I’m too sure myself. If I should describe the “symptoms” I would say that I get easily distracted, I have no ideas, sometimes my head feels heavy or I have a headache, I have difficulties focusing, I always feel tired or fatigued, even after I sleep a lot, sometimes I get angry at the minimum thing and all kind of things similar to those, not really positive things I’d say. I did some research and I found that some of my “symptoms” can be identified in being emotionally burnt out (go watch this video for more info).

What will I do to end this? I’m sure of this one either, but I think I will go out more, in this days I’ve been a lot at home, and try and do different activities. Playing tennis, or doing any sport, helps me a lot: I just try and put as much energy as I can while playing, so to get rid of the stress, it’s like I’m hitting the stress when I hit the ball. I will also go and take some photos, it’s been a long time, more than a week I think, since I went out to take some photos and walk while listening to music. I think reading also helps a lot, in my personal experience, so I will try and do that more.

After this bad start of school after winter break I will try and improve and get better and hopefully continue the year in a good mood.

I hope you enjoyed this more serious post, if you did consider subscribing and sharing this post, that would help me a lot.

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