Random Words Story

Hey people of the Internet! Today I decided to write a story based on random words, so I asked some of my friends to tell me the first word that came to their mind. The words I got are the following: God, Mark, responsibility and dog. Now I’m gonna write a simple story based on those 4 words.

Mark was a 21 year old young man who lived with his parents, didn’t have much friends or a girlfriend, not that he ever had one, and he had never really had any responsibility. His mother had always reproached the fact that he had never taken any responsibility, but Mark didn’t really care, he lived his life the simple way: he didn’t have to cook, do the laundry, wash the dishes or watch over someone, he was an only child. His mother was really christian and truly believed in God, so one day during one of her prayers she asked God to give her son something that would have made him more responsible. A couple of days later Mark absolutely wanted a dog, out of nowhere, so his mother decided she would have got him one only if Mark had taken full responsibility of it. Mark agreed. He had to feed it, walk it, clean its messes and more things. The first days his mother had to help him, but then he became fully responsible for it. Mark is now a 30 year old man, engaged with a beautiful woman and he will become a very responsible father one day.


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