The Sunset
Copyright: JacoDepa

The other night I was walking around taking some photos in San Vincenzo, a city near the sea. Around 4.30 the sunset started and it looked like you can see in the photo. After taking that photo and some others I went for a walk thinking the sunset was over. After some walking I found myself on the beach, where I saw that the sunset wasn’t finished at all, it was just starting. I went on an artificial dune and took some other photos, you couldn’t see the sun but the sky was red. Then I put my camera away and I just sat on the sand looking at the sky for like an hour while listening to the music. It was really beautiful, I don’t really know what I was thinking about at that moment, but I felt different emotions at the same time, I was happy and then a second later I was sad, I think I almost cried, I don’t really know why though. Then the sunset was finishing, for real this time, my earbuds had turned off and it was cold, so I decided to go back home, that was just around the corner.

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