How Are You?

Hey people of the Internet! Today I feel inspired to write, hope you’ll like it.

A. “Hey, how are you?”

B. “All good”

A. “Sure”

B. “Yeah ahaha”

A. “Sure”

B. “Yeah, are YOU fine?”

A. “I’m serious, how are you?”

B. “I told I’m fine”

A. “100% fine?”

B. “No”

A. “Then: how are you?”

B. “I’m not sure”

A. “Try to explain”

B. “I’m tired”

A. “But that’s not all”

B. “I feel lonely”

A. “Why?”

B. “I feel like all my friends and family can’t understand me”

A. “No one can?”

B. “I think so”

A. “Maybe you have to find someone else to talk to”

B. “Maybe, will you listen?”

A. “Always”

B. “Thanks, really”

I wrote this to remember to you to always ask “How are you?”, it’s a very powerful question, but most people answer “I’m good” without even thinking about it.

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