Hey people of the Internet! The other day I was in Turin taking some photos and I happened to take the photo you can see below. Today I saw it and I decided to edit it and to create a background for the person in the center of the image.

Copyright: JacoDepa

First of all the name Omar is just the first name that came to my mind, it doesn’t mean anything.

Omar was born in India and lived there with his family for the first 19 years of his life. He had a bigger brother and two sisters, both younger than him. His family wasn’t poor, but not even rich, they had some money problems, but they could still live with it. One day his father borrowed some money from a guy, who was a gang’s boss, to open his own shop. He had agreed with this guy to give him 45% of all his monthly earnings. Unfortunately the shop wasn’t doing well and Omar’s father barely had the money to buy food for his family, so he couldn’t pay the gang’s boss. After 3 months without getting paid the boss started blackmailing Omar’s father. He tried to report all to the police, but that only made the situation worse. The boss burnt down the shop and after another month he killed one of Omar’s sisters, the younger one. The parents decided to use all their remaining money to buy a flight to Europe to all of their children. They went to Germany, where Omar and his brother started working to gain some money to live and help their sister. After a couple of years also the sister began to work. They were all financially free, so they decided to go separate ways. Omar went to Italy, where he is now working, but he plans to move to America, to start a new life, his siblings remained in Germany. After a year Omar is still in Italy, his sister moved to France and became a stylist and his brother returned to India to find their parents.

I know it wasn’t the happiest story I could imagine, but I hope you liked it.

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