Just a fantasy story setting

Hey people of the Internet! The other day I was relaxed when I looked at the shelf where I keep my comics and I was inspired, so I started writing a fantasy story setting mixing stories from different comics. I just wrote it down on my phone in points as they came to my mind. Here is the story:

In this world angels and demons exist and one day they start a war. After some years in the war, the demons burn to Earth. The angels manage to stop the fire, but it’s too late: a lot of humans have died and most of the cities and forests were burnt down and destroyed. Some cities and forests survived because they were protected by the angels. There are very few angels and demons alive, most of them died in the war, and they are hiding. The entire Earth surface was changed, continents were shifted, creating new ones. After 100 years society is rebuilt and the war between angels and demons is passed down as a myth, that is part of the sacred book of a new religion, where the war was stopped by an almighty God that saved humanity and helped to recreate society. Angels’ feathers and demons’ horns can be found around the globe and they are treated as relics. When people make contact with them they either burn to death or obtain superhuman powers. The feathers give people wings in addition to the superpower and the horns give the ability to fly without wings (and the superpower). When people make contact with the horns a villain instinct is installed in their minds, but some people can overcome it and be good. This doesn’t mean that the people who make contact with the feathers are all good, there are also some villains. The world is governed by the pope of the new religion (I still have to think of a name for it, you can suggest one in the comments) who has created some “institutes”, that are more similar to a military base, where people with powers are trained and taught to serve the pope and not to question the orders they are given, whatever they might be. The government seems to be corrupted. Some superhumans decide to escape and live hiding from the army, that is trying to find them to kill them. The escapees fight against the government and the demons and angels that are protecting the pope. These escapees communities are often helped by angels and demons that are trying to establish peace. Nor the angles or the demons are inherently good or bad, in a sense they are all “bad”, apart from a few exceptions, because they all want what they think is good for them, without thinking about what the other wants, they never thought of an agreement where both parts are satisfied. The pope tries to stay neutral, but he’s not very good at it, and all the ministers are divided into two parties, the angels’ one and the demons’ one.

This is the story so far, I still have to think of some details, but for now the setting is this. I don’t know if I will ever do something with this story, but if you use it please at least say that it was inspired by this post.

That’s all, merry Christmas. Hope you like it!

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