Saying YES

Hey people of the Internet! I’m back again with a new blog post.

This Thursday it was my birthday, I am now 17. On that day I was, unfortunately, at school till 16:10, but when I finished I went out with some friends. I then went home for dinner and in the night I went to the cinema with some friends. We went to a cinema in Turin and we watched Joker. I loved it, easily one the best films I have ever seen. I went with a classmate of mine and a french friend of hers.

Today we were on holiday here in Italy, so no school. In the morning a friend of mine called me and tolde he was in the little town where I live and he them asked me to go to his house, walking, it was almost 4 kilometres. I said yes. We walked to his place and we played with the PS4, eaten pasta carbonara, watched a film and talked about some stuff. We also did some debate on some themes that came to our mind, I like talking with him. He is a singer, his name is Grimmic, you should check him out, he’s good, he sings in italian though.

I think that when someone asks you to do something strange or particular or something that you’d never do on your own, you should say YES. You never know when something like that might happen again, maybe never, so just say YES, I mean it’s even easier that saying no.

That’s all for today, I’ll keep you updated!

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