Learning Unity vs. school

Hey people of the Internet! I am back again with a new blog post.

This has been a very long week for school. I had heaps of tests, oral or written, and homework. For Thursday I had to do a table for french and answer to some questions, the table wasn’t really easy to do and the questions were long. On Friday I had a chemistry oral test and a maths test. I spent all Thursday with some classmates studying maths and chemistry.

Due to all this school work and my own things, like trainings, I couldn’t really follow a Unity tutorial. I tried one night, but the video stopped after like 7 minutes and it never restarted, so I went to bed. I’m going to try and do something during the weekend, but I’m pretty sure that this challenge will be also part of next week.

Now it’s really late at night, I went to a friend house, so I’m pretty tired.

That’s all for today, I’ll keep you updated, so make sure you follow me on Instagram (@jaco_depa) and twitter (@JacopoPasquale).

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