Learning Unity

Hey, people of the Internet! I’m back. I know you want to know how the mod came out and what I am doing next, but I’m going to tell you about my week first, as always.

I didn’t do anything special during the weekend or this first two days of school. I went out with my friends, playing basketball. On Monday I had back my English test, I got 8 (I think it’s a B), not too bad, but it could have gone better. I completely failed the second exercise, it said to use phrasal verbs, but I didn’t see it, so I didn’t use them. I also did an essay, in Italian, I don’t think I did it too bad, but I’ve never been good at writing analytical essays. I spent all Monday evening studying Italian literature, I had a oral test the next day. The oral test didn’t go too good, I got 6.5 (C I think), but I wasn’t there when the teacher explained the things she was testing us on.

I finished the mod, finally, but it took a long long time for it to be approved in the website, you can now find it here. It’s just a bunch of random stuff, but it’s not too bad, maybe one day I’ll do a serious one.

Next I want to learn to use the Unity engine, to create games. Up until now I have been using the Godot engine, because I had Linux on my laptop and Unity is not available on Ubuntu. Now I have Windows, so I installed it, but it’s not easy to use. I have to code in C# and I don’t know a single think about that programming language. I want to use Unity because it has its own physics engine, so I don’t have to code it and I think it can handle more stuff than Godot, not that it is a bad engine, it’s really good.

That’s all for today. I’ll keep you updated!

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