Minecraft mod #2

Hey people of the Internet! I am back again writing about my life.

I know you want to know how my mod is proceeding, but first I’m going to tell you about my week.

Usually school, here in Italy, starts at 8, but on Wednesday the first period’s teacher was absent, so we started at 9. Around 8:30, I was at the school bar with my friends they start to receive messages form their parents saying that the school wrote them that we’d have finished school at 13, we usually finish at 14. So Wednesday was really a good day. I also went to tennis training, I really enjoy it.

Thursday, on the other hand, was a really tiring school day. Every Thursday we stay at school until 4:10, it’s tiring, but I am kind of used to it. The “problem” was that we had 4 hours of french lesson one after the other, we usually have 2, but the first one is like conversation, so the main teacher is not the grammar and literature one. The conversation teacher wasn’t there, so our grammar teacher substituted her. In that hour and the next one we did a test, a text analysis, it may seem easy, but I can assure you it’s not easy at all. Then we had another french lesson, right after the test and then, after the 30 minutes lunch break, we had aonther one, she was substituting the history teacher.

Friday wasn’t too bad. We did a Spanish test, not too difficult, we already had our results back and I got 9, that should be an A- I think. Then after lunch I played basketball with my friends, but I had to leave soon because I had tennis training. I also saw them after dinner and we played again.

Now to the main part: my Minecraft mod. I have decided to stick to my first test, it’s not really a “good” mod, it’s a bit random, but I almost finished it. I’ll tell you on twitter when I finish it and maybe realise it on some website, so make sure you follow me there.

That’s all for today, I’ll keep you updated.

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