Hey people of the Internet! I am back with yet another post.

I know you want to know what I decided to do this week, even though you read it in the title, but first I’m going to tell you about my week.

On Saturday morning I played tennis with my dad, I lost 6-2, 6-2, but only because I haven’t trained a lot on the serve, so I miss a lot of them. Even if I lost I had fun and it was nice to play with my dad again.

Sunday, there was a festival in the small town where I live, so I went there with my friends. It’s the same every year and we have all been living here for almost all of our lives, so we juts walked around and played basketball. There are no baskets, but we play where we find some space and we just pass the ball to each other or dribble around or yet doing a one on one without scoring, so just trying to steal/defend the ball while we walk around almost in a circle. We may look strange from the outside, but we have a lot of fun, so we don’t really mind.

I did my first test of the year on Monday, an English test, it wasn’t really difficult. For the rest at school I didn’t do anything special apart lesson.

During this days I have been using my mum’s camera more and more. I always take photos of my friends or random stuff around me, like bins.

Let’s now talk about what you all came here for: what I decided to do this week. After a bit of thinking I decided that I am going to do a Minecraft mod. It was of the firsts ideas I had and I thought I would have been difficult, but I actually discovered it’s not difficult at all, to make a simple one you don’t even need to write a line of code. I found a program called “MCreator” that things really easy. It has an intuitive interface and heaps of helps. I have created some random stuff like a food,an animal, a block, a biome, a sword, a new dimension with portal and some recipes to craft the thing I said before.

Some completely random stuff I added in my mod.

That’s all for today, I’ll keep you updated.

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