hey people of the Internet! I am back for the last time to talk about my experience as an exchange student in Australia. Now I am back in Italy and I have started my normal life again.

On Saturday, in the morning, I went to the markets with my host family. Then it was time for me to go to airport. When i got there i met my friends that were leaving as well and one that was there to say goodbye. I said farewell to everyone and went to check in. The flight was really long, 7 hours to Singapore and 13 to Milan. We also spent 3 hours in Singapore airport. During the flights I watched some films and I incredibly managed to sleep for 2 hours.

In Milan, at the airport, I met my parents and my brother, I was really tired for the long travel. I arrived there Sunday at 6.30 in the morning, Italian time. We drove back home and we talked, I was telling them what i did and they were telling me what they did in this 3 months.

The same day I Went to my grandfather place to celebrate my cousin birthday, so I met my relatives. I have to admit that I missed my grandpa cuisine, he is really good at cooking. I was dead, so I slept like 3 hours after lunch. for the rest of the day I was basically dead, so I didn’t do much. I just met a friend of mine in the afternoon.

On Monday i didn’t go to school, I still to get used to the jet lag. I adapt to a time zone pretty quickly, in fact on Monday afternoon I was already feeling good. I spent all afternoon with some friends of mine talking.

Today, Tuesday, I went back to school. I can say that I didn’t miss it even a slightly bit. I met again all my classmates, it was really good to see them again, and some of my teachers. I have to study all the things that they did while I was away, it was only a month, but they did a lot. I already have some tests, oral and written, this month, on things I haven’t done.

If I have to be honest, I prefer Australia to Italy. I don’t really have a reason why, I just like it more. Maybe it’s because I lived all my life in Italy, so I got bored of it. I may sound mean, but while I was in Australia I haven’t really missed any of my friends or family, I had my friends there.

Being an exchange student is really a beautiful experience and I am very luck to have lived it. It changes you, you live for 3,6 months or a year in a different country from your, where they speak a different language and you don’t know a single person. You don’t have your family to help you, so if you have a problem you have to manage it yourself, you have your hist-family to help you, but it’s different. I think I am a different person from before, I think I am more responsible and independent and I have always been shy, but I feel like I am more open now. I am still an introvert, but I like it, I don’t see a problem in it.

I decided that I won’y have TravelGuy, MangaGuy and TechGuy anymore, it will be a single section in which I will write about the things that happen in my life.

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience in Australia, thank you.

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