Hey, people of the Internet! I am back again writing about my experience as an exchange student in Australia.

Wednesday, last day at the camping park. In the morning we went to the beach, the water was nice and I wanted to go for a swim, but it was cold and the waves were pretty big. In the afternoon we met with the friends and I played tag with the other guys and then we all played cricket. It was my first time playing, I have always been told that it’s not really an entertaining spot, but playing with friends is pretty fun. For dinner we had pizza, not bad I’d say.

Thursday, we travelled for the first half of the day. In the morning we said goodbye to the friends and left the camping park. We travelled from 8 to 14 and we arrived to the grandparents house. We had lunch there and then we just chilled for the rest of the afternoon. It was the grandfather’s birthday, so for dinner we had lamb, vegetables and then a cake, homemade. I had to share the room with the grandfather’s brother, but that wasn’t a problem, I just couldn’t charge my phone because I didn’t want to make noise and wake him up, so I used my portable charger, but it only charged up till 55 percent.

Friday, last full day in Australia. I woke at 5:30, don’t really know why and at 7 we left the grandparents house to go back to Brisbane. One of my host-sisters stayed there, so I won’t see her again. At home I started packing for my flight to Italy and then I went to the city. I was alone till 1:30, so I just bought a bunch of souvenirs. I then met with a friend, a German guy that is also leaving tomorrow, and we talked a bit walking around for the city. We then went to Indooroopilly shopping centre, where I bought a book and a water bottle. I would have liked to meet also my others friends, but they all had something else to do.

Like all things, also this adventure has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed reading about it, because I sure loved living it. I will probably do a last post with all my final thoughts.

That’s all for today, thank you.

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  1. It was a pleasure reading this blog in the past weeks, I hope you will continue writing regularly your stories also when back in Italy, about how is the return and how is life at an italian high school or what else you want, maybe also about some other travel? Have a safe trip back.


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