Hey, people of the Internet! I am back again, writing about my experience as an exchange student in Australia.

Wednesday, nothing special. Normal day at school, except for media lesson, where all the class watched my, and mi teammate’s, documentary. They said it was good. Apart from that, I just had normal class and at home I just relaxed.

Thursday, movie Wirld. The school organised a trip to Movie World for the international students. It was a really fun day. I don’t usually do roller coasters, but my group went on teh second fastest one as soon as we got there and I followed them. It was indeed really fast, and as a person that never goes on roller coasters ideally felt it. We went also on other rides, but on the afternoon I is stomachache, so I didn’t do a lot.

Friday, last day of school. The only actual lesson I did was physics, in the other I said goodbye to everyone and just talked. It was a bit sad to say goodbye to everybody, especially considering that I had started to make friends not long ago. In the night I went to South Bank, where there are all the restaurants with my mates to spend the night together. Some of them I’ll see again, others not. In Saturday my host family is taking me to the beach for 5 days, somewhere half way to Sidney, I don’t remember the name of the name of the place. Because of that I won’t see the ones that leave before Thursday. It was a good night.

That’s all for today, thank you.

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