Australia #16

Hey people of the Internet. I am back again, writing about my experience as an exchange student in Brisbane, Australia.

Saturday, Sunshine Coast. We were supposed to take the 8.30 train, but google maps said it was on platform 7, when in reality it was on platform 6. I saw it coming, but my friend told it was another train, it wasn’t. We missed the first train, the second one in an hour and a half. We went to McDonald’s, Macca’s as they call it here in Australia, to eat something for breakfast. We finally took the train. On the train we met some Italian guys, one of them has been living here for a years, they told us that they left home when they were 18 years old and started travelling, it must be cool. Me and and some friends went surfing, it was really cool, but difficult. Unfortunately I don’t have any video of me surfing. We then joined the others on the beach. It was a fun day, the water was really nice. I did a bath at sunset. Usually the water is shallow for a fair bit when you enter it, so I ran just to fall entering the water that was unexpectedly going down as soon as you got in.

Sunday, in the afternoon I went to Mount Omnerry Shopping Center to meet with my media teammates to work in the documentary. i am the only one who is actually editing, but they helped me, giving me advice and ideas. I worked on that all afternoon, till I had to go home. At home before going to bed I finished part 2 of my digital solutions’ assignment.

Monday, school again. We watched some of the documentaries drafts during media, they are all better them the one I am working on. After school, while I was walking home, I met a friend of mine, that was in the car with his sister and a grade 12. They “kidnapped” me and took to Macca’s, where they paid for my fries and frozen coke and then they took me home, it was really nice of them.

Tuesday, I did my Maths exam, it wasn’t too bad. I din’t know a couple of answers, but like half of each. After the exam, I had Maths lesson, my classmates are doing the exam on Thursday, so we did revision, pretty useless for me. I did it today, because on Thursday the school is taking the international students to Movie World. At home I finished editing the documentary, it finished exporting a few minutes ago actually, tomorrow we have to show it in front of the whole class.

That’s all for today.

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