Australia #15

Hey people of the Internet, I am back again writing about my experience as an exchange student in Australia.

Wednesday, nothing special. School in the morning and I stayed at home in the afternoon, just relaxing and reading.

Thursday, exam day. The maths teacher gave the assignments back, I scored 17/20, that is an A I think, so pretty good. Third and fourth period I had the English exam, it was an essay. I’ve never been go at writing essays, we were supposed to write between 800 and 1000 words, but I only got up to around 650. I think the grades I get here count for my school in Italy, so it’s not a big problem.

Friday, me and friends thought we had practice during physics, so we went to the lab, to then discover that we were in the normal class, so we arrived a bit late. During both breaks I played basketball, not really a good idea considering the temperature, but it was fun.

Tomorrow I am going with my friends to the sunshine coast to take a surf lesson, looking forward for it, very excited.

That’s all for today, thank you.

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