Hey, people of the Internet. I’m back again writing about my days as an exchange student in Australia.

Saturday, the international students coordinators organised a trip to Stradbroke Island, so I went with other international students. It was really awesome. The views on the ocean were stunning, I can’t find words to describe them. We also saw some dolphins, turtles, sea snakes and whales. Well we didn’t really see the whales, they too far away, but we saw the big splashes they produce. For I ate a really fish and chips and gelati. After lunch we went to the beach to swim. The water was really nice, a bit cold, but really nice. I went home for dinner and I ate some two-minute noodles.

Sunday, after a good night sleep I went to the city to study. I met two of my friends and helping them film their business assignment. I worked on some homework. We went near the Story Bridge and ate at Betty’s burger.

Monday, back to school. During physics we did an experiment on the refraction of light, it wasn’t really fun, but better than a theoretical lesson. After I went to the basketball courts to see if there was training but there was nobody, so I went home. In the afternoon I read and relaxed and after dinner I watched a film.

Tuesday, in the first break I went to the sport centre to play dodgeball. It was fun, even though I didn’t have much time to eat. In the second break there was a meeting for the international students. There was free food, so it was good. I received a paper that recognise that I have been an international student in Corinda state high school, my school, and a koala puppet.

That’s all for today, thank you.

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