Australia #13

Hey, people of the Internet. I am back again writing about my experience as an exchange student in Australia.

Wednesday, I didn’t do much. At school the Maths teacher wasn’t there so that was nice, I had one hour to kinda relax. It was really hot, so when I got home I went into the pool. The water was cold, but, compared to hot outside, it was really nice. For the rest of the afternoon I just relaxed and read. After dinner I did some homework and went to bed.

Thursday, another lazy day, I was really tired. At school I had normal lesson, in Maths we started revising fro the test in week 10. At home, in the afternoon, I did absolutely nothing, I just relaxed. After dinner I had some homework, so I did that.

Friday, after school I went to a friend house. He kinda forced me to join his fantasy football league, so at his house we did the bid for the players. I got home at 23 because his parents could only take me home at that time. All my was obviously sleeping, so I locked the door and turned off the lights.

I haven’t done much this days, but that’s all for today thank you.

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