Hey there, people of the Internet. I am back again, ready to write about my days here in Australia.

Saturday, in late morning I went to the city were I met my friends, we went for a walk in Queen Street and take we took some electric scooter to go to South Bank to meet the others and have lunch. We ate at Guzman y Gomez a Mexican fast food, it was good, I took a burrito and some chips. After lunch we went back to the city to meet another friend and buy a present for one of my friends host-mum, it was her birthday. The two guys which host-mum was having a birthday party went home and me and the others went to the botanic gardens. We then went back to the city to meet yet another friend and then all the girls wanted to go to the karaoke so we followed them. We then had dinner at McDonald’s and me and another guy had to run to the station to catch the train, we lost it, so I took the next one that was 15 minutes later. I was supposed to be home at 8:30, but because of the train I arrived at 8:50. When I got home they were all gone to bed, so I wrote a message to my host-dad saying I was home. I then watched something on the TV and went to bed.

Botanic Gardens.

Sunday, it was father’s day here in Australia. In the morning I did some homework and read my book. In the afternoon we went for a walk and then we played mini-golf, I suck at it, I got third out of four, the only one with more point then me was my 10 -year-old host-sister, and the difference was of 5 points. Anyway, it was good and I had a lot of fun playing. At home I interviewed my host-dad for my media documentary, it went good, the room is a bit dark but I think I can adjust that in the editing process. For dinner we had pizza, they put pineapple on every pizza, so I had to take it off. I am Italian, I do not eat pizza with pineapple, it’s a pride issue. After dinner I went on with the documentary editing.

Monday, at school during media my teammates went to film their interviews and I stayed in class to edit. I am doing all the editing by myself, they say they don’t know how to do it, I didn’t either, I learned by doing. During English me an d my friends planned our weekends, in two Saturdays we are going surfing. During the first break we tried to film my interview, but the camera’s batteries were dead, so we had to get charged ones and at the end we didn’t have enough time. In digital solutions my program showed a big error that I couldn’t understand, but we the help of the teacher I managed to resolve it. At home I didn’t do much, I just relaxed till dinner and then did some homework.

Tuesday, the English and Maths teachers weren’t there, so this day gains some extra points. During Maths I just talked with the people sitting in my table. In the afternoon I had an haircut, I am pretty much satisfied with it, I just feel the hair at the top is a bit short, but maybe I just have to get used to it. I went to make an appointment, but they told that they don’t have appointments, you just walk in and say you want an haircut and they do it as soon as possible. After dinner I did my physics homework and edited a bit the documentary.

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