Hey Internet, it’s my tenth post on this blog, wow, awesome. I’m back again to tell you about my days.

Saturday, when I woke up there was nobody at home, they all arrived while I was having a shower. They told me they were going to see my host-sister hockey semi-final game and then go for a walk in the city. I told them I would have gone with them. The much was fun, I took a lot of pictures and videos with my fancy camera borrowed from my media class. There was a draw, but they are in the grand final anyway. After the match my little host-brother was crying so they all went home, but me, my host-dad and the dog, who went to Mount Coot-tha to take some cool pictures and videos. We then went home for lunch, I had instant noodles. After lunch I joined my friends in the city, there were also some other exchange students from the Gold Coast, but they had the train 20 minutes after I arrived. After they left one of my friend wanted to buy a new bag so we all went with her. Then we went to Kangaroo Point to see the sunset, but we got there late and the sun was already behind the building, I took some videos anyway, but they are not so good. We had some noodles for dinner, proper noodles this time, and went home.

Sunday, in the morning I finished my Maths assignment and my English essay draft. My host-dad parents came by, to spend the night. In the afternoon we all went to my host-dad hockey semi-final game, unfortunately they lost and I had a pole in front of me so I couldn’t even take good videos. For dinner we had fish and chips, it was good. After dinner I sent my essay to my teacher and started working on my game for the “Community Game Jam” (CGJ). The theme is “the game is a liar”, I decided to do a game where there is a text that tells you what to do and you have to do anything apart form that, for example if the text says “Go left” you can go up, down, right, jump or attack but you can’t go left.

Monday, back to school. I was supposed to have basketball training outside, but the teacher that was supposed to coach us never showed up, so I went home. I did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. After dinner there was a basketball game, Canada vs. USA, so I watched it for a bit.

Tuesday, normal day at school. At home I went for a run to Nixon Park where I did some random exercise and ran back home. After dinner I worked on my CGJ game, there some issues with the timer but I fixed them and now the game is basically finished, I don’t really know what to add, maybe I’ll try and ask someone. I still have to do the home page and the tutorial, even though I don’t the game needs one, I just need to explain the mechanics, so yeah I don’t know if it is a tutorial, I’m not telling how to play, I’m just telling you how the game works.

That’s all for today, thank you.

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