Hey Internet! I’m back again, telling you about my experience as an exchange student in Australia.

Wednesday, normal day at school. During digital solutions we did a login function and then the teacher watched our progress with the assignment and said mine was good, so I am happy. In media arts in practice, me and my group interviewed 2 of our classmates for our documentary. After school, at home, I ate some instant noodles and just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. After dinner, unfortunately I had to work on my Maths and digital solutions assignments.

Instant Noodles.

Thursday, another school day, but it wasn’t so boring. During engineering we finally got to “play” with the Lego Mindstorm for our assignment, so it was fun to try and create different things to pick up an object. In the academy, coding and robotics, I finally started working on the game itself for my digital solutions assignment. In English we were supposed to work on our essay draft, but my laptop died so I just relax playing with my phone, pretending to be working. When I got home I ate a sandwich and then I went to open my bank account, finally I’d say. I need one for my insurance, so I can even have only 1 dollar in the account, but I need to have one, otherwise if I get injured I have to pay tons of money for the cures. After dinner I finished my Maths assignment, due on Monday, I’ll just check it Sunday night.

Friday, at school during media arts in practice a classmate of mine showed me some tips and tricks to film better and then me and my group interviewed him and two other guys. I borrowed the camera and the tripod to film something during the weekend and practice. At home I ate a sandwich and then went for a walk with my camera to practice with the various settings, unfortunately my laptop does not have the post for that type of usb so I can’t transfer the photos to see them better. After dinner I played with my laptop and did useless things on the Internet. I could have gone to a fashion show at my school, but I was tired and I not really into that kind of things, so I stayed at home.

That’s all for today, thank you!

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