Here I am again, writing to the Internet about my experience as an international student in Brisbane, Australia.

Wednesday, it was holiday so no school. I went with my friends to the Ekka, a big week-long festival in Brisbane. There are a lot of different things: rides, animals, good food and a lot of fun. We went to see a pig race, it was pretty strange but cool, we then had lunch and went to do some rides. I then bought the super advised strawberry ice-cream, it was good. I wanted to buy a show-bag, it is a thing that they only have there, but I didn’t find one of my interest. We then went to the main arena and sit there for a while, doing some occasional walks. I would have liked to stay to watch the fireworks my my host-parents told me to come home by 8, so I couldn’t. It was a fun day and when I got home I was tired so I watched some TV and went to bed.

Thursday, there was a new French student, so I showed him around the school and helped him find his classes. He is nice. I started my engineering assignment and worked more on the register screen example for my digital solutions assignment. At home I went for a walk and found a place that sells manga, but they are a bit expensive, 18$ each, that’s a lot, in Italy you pay one 4.50 euros, that is around 7$, That’s more than half the price they sell them here. For dinner I cooked some bacon and eggs with some tomatoes and a carrot for my self. After dinner I had to work on my digital solutions assignment, first part was due the next day, so I stayed up till 23.

Friday, normal day at school. I continued working on my engineering assignment. During Media Arts in Practice miss gave us the treatments with a mark and we, me and my group, got an A, so I’m really happy. After school I went with friends to Idooroopilly to watch “The Lion King”, it’s always the same story, only with more realistic graphics, so it was kinda boring. At home I just relaxed in front of the TV and video-called a friend of mine.

That’s all for today, hope you enjoyed reading, thank you!

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